Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Dell Wyse fails to provide Day One support for VMware Horizon View

Dell Wyse, a global disappointment in thin clients, continues to fail in providing Day One support for the latest VMware Horizon View client upon release.

Business rely on vendors to keep their products updated so that they may rapidly benefit from new features, improved security, and enhanced performance when publicly released. Dan O’Farrell, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Dell Wyse understood the importance of VMware innovation and the need for Wyse’s products to have a competitive advantage when he began publicly promising “Day One” availability for Wyse devices.

In August 2011, O’Farrell first began making public statements that Wyse will immediately offer the availability and support for the latest VMware View client for Wyse thin clients the same day that VMware offers a new client. You may find links to his statements here, here, and here.

Not once has Dell Wyse been able to publicly post an update of the VMware View client on the day of its availability. On several occasions I’ve opened a support ticket asking where I can download the latest VMware View client and am told it is not yet available (or have had my support ticket ignored and unanswered for nine months). I’ve also voiced my frustration via this blog and even interacted with O’Farrell directly.

Yet despite my efforts to bring attention that Dell Wyse has not once succeeded in making the VMware View client available for download the day it is released, Wyse has continued to make their Day One promise.

VMware released the latest version of the VMware Horizon View Client (version 2.1.0) on September 9, 2013. More than 60-days later, you will still not find it available for the Wyse C50LE.

Ironically, maybe it will take several years for Wyse to be able to meet its Day One promise.