CFEA surprise lunch

Everyone likes surprises. Today I had mine, for 20 of my interfraternal friends gathered for lunch to help me celebrate my thirtieth birthday and my nearing departure for the Peace Corps.

I have long known many of the people who gathered for lunch today through the College Fraternity Editors Association. When I became editor of Lambda Chi Alpha’s alumni magazine in 1995, I lacked many of the skills and resources that were needed to do my job well. But thanks to CFEA and its members, I was able to quickly learn from my peers, who were each challenged with similar tasks and responsibilities at their fraternal headquarters. In time, I ended up chairing several CFEA committees and eventually served on its board for three years.

I have been very fortunate to make many interfraternal friends through my career with Lambda Chi Alpha and as a vendor in the fraternal market as a and Carden Jennings Publishing employee. But many of my most cherished friends are those who I have had the privilege of meeting through CFEA.

Thanks to all who came today; it was a great surprise. And for those who couldn’t come but wanted to, thanks for sending your greetings and best wishes as I prepare for my next adventure.

On a side note, I might add that all of the recent focus and attention that has gone toward my Peace Corps assignment has been a great distraction from the fact that I’m going to turn 30 tomorrow. I can’t believe that I’m going to be 30. It sounds so old.