Thirty sounds so old

Today I turned 30. Thirty sounds so old. And yet, I still don’t feel like a grown up. Perhaps that’s because I’m getting ready to pack up and move to Guyana.

The decision and announcement that I’m going to be joining the Peace Corps really has been a nice distraction from me turning middle aged. But that’s about it for the distractions or reminders.

For I don’t have gray hair, I’m still tall and thin – much like I was in college, and I occasionally get carded when I order beer or drinks. And when I’m with my younger brother, many strangers have a difficult time guessing who is older.

So I suppose I’m lucky to still feel and look young. Although that all seems to change when I blurt out that I’m now 30.

I might also add that my Mom gave me a nice surprise today. When I booted up my computer this morning, I started receiving a lot of “Happy Birthday” emails from friends that I have not heard from in a long while. Many were friends from my parents’ church. It was a nice surprise. Thanks mom.

And thanks to all who wished me happy birthday. It was great to hear from you.