Peace Corps Networking

I have noticed that the Peace Corps doesn’t offer much as far as alumni relations or networking. There are countless ad hoc online communities that have formed so that current and past volunteers can keep in touch with each other.

Seeing no community or network for Guyana, I created a list serve for current, past, and future Guyana Peace Corps volunteers. You’ll find it here:

In less than a week, three new volunteers and seven current members have subscribed. I’m hoping that this community will help me learn more about what to expect before arriving.

The community has been great for introductions. One current volunteer, Brian Tarallo, is serving in Guyana with his wife Liz. Brian has organized a great collection of photos from his experiences in Guyana, which have been very helpful in giving me an idea of the living conditions I should expect to have. Be sure to explore his online photo albums by going here and clicking on the folder labeled Guyana.

Thanks Brian for sharing these images.