Urgent voice mail messages from the Peace Corps

We’ve returned safely from our Hawaiian vacation and are quite tired. The trip, however, was great. I hope to have the time to create an online summary of our trip before I depart for Guyana, but it is unlikely. There is so much to do.

For starters, my personal list serve had been sending daily email reminders saying that my Peace Corps training is about to begin. It got out of hand, for no one enjoys receiving spam and I particularly do not enjoy being the cause of it. The problem has been solved, but required a lot of apologies.

Also upon return, there were two urgent voice mail messages from the Peace Corps, asking me to call them right away. While I made careful preparations and informed them that I’ll be unavailable two weeks prior to my departure; panic seemed to have set in on their end.

Really, they had two issues: 1) the Guyana country director, Earl Brown, wanted to speak with me over the phone prior to my arrival to address some of his concerns about me and answer some of my questions; and 2) the DC Peace Corps office had some concerns about the content on my website.

As for the first issue, I enjoyed speaking with Earl but would have really preferred having the conversation before I left for Hawaii. For I had just finished two very long flights and hadn’t slept in 30 hours. So I’m not too sure how coherent I was on the phone.

I’ll address the second issue regarding the content of my website in a separate posting.

And aside from general correspondence, I have to unpack from Hawaii, finish unpacking from my move back home, and start getting organized for Guyana. I depart in four days.