110 pounds of luggage

Yesterday was another long day. I traveled to Miami; met 23 new volunteers who are all going to Guyana (six of them will be doing Information Technology like me); sat through six hours of Peace Corps rules, requirements, expectations, etc.; and visited with Sean Torres over dinner (thanks Sean for dinner).

A funny point of interest…

There is a movie (“Out of Time”) that is being shot in our hotel. We are stayed on the same floor as the cast. Densel Washington is in the movie, for I spotted him a few times walking around the hotel.

We all leave for the airport in about 20 minutes, taking a large bus. We then go through security and pray that our bags are within the airline’s weight limits. The Peace Corps says we can only carry 80 pounds total (I have about 110 pounds). Yet, when I called the airline, they said we could take two bags weighing up to 70 pounds each. I sure hope the person on the phone is right, for I won’t know what to do with my extra 40 pounds of stuff if I’m told I can’t take it.

Wish us all luck. It may be a while before you hear from me again, for our next few days will be busy. That, and I might not be able to find Internet access. But I hope to check in as often as possible.