Safely arrived to Guyana

We have all safely arrived to Guyana, luggage and all. In fact, we have very little trouble passing through security. More so, we were all pleased that our luggage passed the airlines weight restrictions. While the Peace Corps said we could only take a maximum of 80 pounds of luggage, the airline ended up accepting to bags weighing up to 70 pounds each.

The airport is about 45 minutes away from the city. So after a long ride, we checked into our air-conditioned hotel, had dinner, met some of the staff, and visited with many of the current volunteers. It was a nice welcoming.

Today, we met the rest of the Peace Corps staff, drove all around town to see their national monuments, and are currently waiting for many shots and immunizations at the Peace Corps office. By Friday, I will be assigned a host family that will house me through the rest of training.

There are plenty of folks waiting to use the computer, so it’s time for me to go.