Air-conditioned computer labs

Last night we had a big rain storm. It was wonderful. Nice to know that my house stands are 12 foot tall stilts.

The rain cooled things off. Mostly, it drowned out all of the other noises that occur throughout the night. You hear dogs fighting, your neighbors’ television, your neighbors’ neighbors’ television, farm animals across the way, and much more. The houses here are all open, so sound really travels.

Training is going well. The Information Technology part is the best for we spend the morning in an air-conditioned computer lab. Other days, however, we are in a large room with nothing but windows and a fan.

Some of the training has been helpful. The sessions about safety, security, and our health have be the most useful. But some of the history and culture lessons have not been as enjoyable.

I’ve received about six shots already and have another dozen or so to receive. Every Wednesday, I also have to take a pill to prevent catching Malaria. And I have lots of mosquito bites, so this drug is well needed.

During training, I won’t have much time to check in. But once I get my site (three months from now), I should be able to update my site more often. Until then, take care.