15 to 20 bugs looking for a meal

The mosquitoes get really bad each night when it gets dark. So much so that I climb into bed shortly after dinner to seek the shelter of the bug net that surrounds my bed. In a matter of a few minutes, I will be able to find at least 15 to 20 bugs clinging to the outside of my net looking for a meal.

Staying in the net is not a problem. But keeping my arms and legs from touching the net as a sleep is a challenge. Each morning, I wake up with new bites from mosquitoes that were smart enough to reach me through the net.

Even worse, I sometimes find a bug that somehow made it into my net. I know, because by morning, I’ll find a big fat mosquito trapped inside my net; unable to fly for she is so heavy. Naturally, I make sure it was her last meal.

The worse part about sleeping in a bug net is falling asleep. Every little twitch wakes you, for you are certain that a mosquito has penetrated your defenses. You spend the next five minutes searching the inside of your net with your flashlight, only to find it was your imagination.