My new host family in Grove

On Sunday, I said goodbye to Gale, Anthony, and Zowie as I packed up my stuff and moved to my new host family in Grove. We all had to switch host families so that those who have been living in the country get to experience city life, and vice versa.

While my new host family is great and has hosted eight other volunteers, I’m still adjusting to the change. For starters, I now have a hell of a commute to make it into Georgetown each morning for training. I have to walk about 10 minutes to get to the main road so that I can catch a mini-bus.

The mini-bus rides are horrible. The seats are two small, they cram too many people into them (up to 23 at one point, though they have seats for only 15 people), and just about every other uncomfortable amenity you can think of. Plus, they drive on all sides of the road and off.

My new host family’s home is about the same size as my last one. Only this time, there are six members of their family and the host is packed with two sets of furniture. So I’m feeling a bit cramped.

We also don’t have running water, so I have to “shower” out of a bucket, fill the toilet after flushing, and carry water up stairs.

But as expected, the people are great and do all they can to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. I’ll write more about my experiences in Grove later.

I also want to let you know about a fellow volunteer’s website. Hans Anderson is an education volunteer in training but has a computer science degree. I believe that he has forgotten more about information technology than I have ever learned. Without question, he will be a great resource for us.

Well, Hans has his own server and website that I hope you will visit. It is likely that I’ll also start using his server to post photos, but we’ll see. I hope you enjoy his site: