Where we will be stationed for the next two years

Yesterday, we were all told where we will be stationed for the next two years and a few basics about what we will be doing. It is such a relief to finally know.

I will be stationed in Georgetown and will be working for the World Wildlife Fund. That’s really about all I know. I know little to nothing about the organization, I do not know what I will be doing there, and I don’t even know where in Georgetown it is located. But this information will come it time, much of it tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we get to meet our counterparts — the local person who will be working with us on a daily basis. And next week, I’ll be spending all of my time in Georgetown working with my counterpart, learning his/her expectations, and setting goals for the next two years. I’ll then be able to offer you a lot more information about what I will be doing.

In the meantime, you might consider visiting these links — I’m sure I will once I have the time: United States World Wildlife Fund, WWF International, and the WWF Global Network.

I have so much more to say but little time to do so, for I have only about 15 minutes per week of Internet time to give you updates. I also haven’t checked my email in a few weeks, so I’m sorry if you have not heard a response from me. I enjoy hearing from friends and family and will be sure to respond once I’m able.