200 black and white photos

Last night I managed to sync my Palm Pilot to a host family’s computer and was able to upload about 200 black and white photos that I have taken during my first eight weeks of training. They are all rather small and were taken with a low resolution, but at least they give you an idea of what I have been experiencing.

Click here to see my photos.

The first dozen photos or so are of us all in training. The next dozen features shots of my first host family’s home, as well as their 90-pound four-year-old Zowie. You’ll then find more photos of us in training, with some focus on Information Technology. After that, you’ll find several photos of our group going to Baracara Resort. That was a fun trip. You’ll then see photos of me and Tim’s visit to Dean’s home on the Essiquibo coast. Next comes some nasty photos of the loss of my toe nail, and eventually the loss of that toe nail.

I hope you enjoy them. I’ll continue to shoot low resolution b&w photos during training. But once I settle in to my job and have access to a regular computer, I’ll switch to a higher resolution and color format.