Station Street in Kitty

This week I moved back to Station Street in the Kitty area of Georgetown. Since we are conducting our site visits right now, I thought it would easier for me to avoid the one-hour commute via mini-busses from Grove and set up temporary housing back in the city.

I would have moved back in with my previous host family of Gale, Anthony, and Zowie, but they are currently housing another volunteer — Gina — who is also stationed in Georgetown. Instead, I moved in with Norma and Henry, who have served as host parents for Patrick and Anna Joyce — making them my third host family. Patrick and Anna are assigned to New Amsterdam, so they are not in town this weekend, leaving their room available for me.

Best of all, Norma and Henry have a desktop computer with Internet access. And since my WWF counterpart has been in conferences all week, I’ve had the chance to stay at home to get some much needed surfing done. I really needed my online fix. But I sure do miss my high-speed cable modem. 56k dial-up is painful!

Today I added a commenting system to the Monologue section of my website. At the bottom of each posting, you’ll find a link that looks like this “Comment?“. While I’m still in the testing phase, I hope that this new feature will give you the ability to comment on some of my posting for me and others to enjoy. Let me know what you think by trying it out now.