Hans Anderson’s Photo Gallery

For those of you who haven’t visited my site in a few weeks or so, here is a nice collection of photos and audio clips from my time spent as a Peace Corps volunteer in training.

Hans Anderson’s Photo Gallery
Here you will find some of my photos and video clippings, as well as photos taken by other volunteers. Hans is a volunteer in training in the education sector, but knows more about computers than all of the Information Volunteers combined.

Jason Pearce’s B&W Photos
I have been using a very simple digital camera that is attached to my Palm Pilot. Since I didn’t know how often I’d be able to sync to a computer, I have been taken low resolution b&w photos. But at least you get to see something.

Megan’s Photos
Megan is a volunteer in training who has been taking a lot of great digital photos. Please visit this link to see her photos.

Patrick Joyces’ Photos
Another volunteer in training, here are some more photos.

Jason’s WGUY MP3 Audio Updates
Each month, I intend on recording and posting a 10 minute MP3 audio broadcast of my experiences here in Guyana as a Peace Corps volunteer. I hope that it will be a great addition to the text postings found in the Monologue section of my website.