I have ZZZZZZZero students as of now

I really miss some of the friends I made in Guyana. I just got a great email from Patrick, one of the IT volunteers that I really enjoyed hanging out with.

He kids that his host mom Norma, who loved to feed the two of us, is concerned that I might not be getting enough to eat back here in the states. Then again, he might not be kidding because it wouldn’t surprise me if she was worring about me. She and her husband Henry were great. They really took care of us.

Patrick also vents a few funny frustrations regarding what it’s like to work as a Peace Corps volunteer. What’s funny about his situation is that his conterpart was expecting two IT volunteers to be stationed at their site. Instead, they just got one – Patrick – and were concerned that there would be too much for him to do. Read his email and you’ll see why its funny.

Jason, I say take the job and email Earl your new title.

Norma came by this last weekend. She is worried that you will not get food in the states. I told her that you will be ok.

I started my job on Mon. Guest how many students I have? I have ZZZZZZZero student as of now. I am not sure what I will be teaching. We have meetings but I only understand .1% of it.

Anna and I will have a Banks beer(well, I will have sveral) in your honor.

Patrick, I hope you get some students soon, for someone in the Peace Corps office might get the notion to send you home due to the loss of a “viable assignment in-country for which you could serve.” Thanks for the email pal.