Case for Appeal

In addition to sleeping, eating, taking hot showers, and playing video games on my Xbox; I’ve spent the last two weeks organizing my case to appeal the Guyana country director’s decision to terminate my service early. While I haven’t decided to appeal his decision yet, it seems likely that I will.

In typical fashion, I have extensively organized information regarding my case and have placed it online for you to review. I hope to receive some comments and feedback from you before I submit my appeal to the DC office. I fortunate to have a lot of smart and wise friends, so your input is helpful.

Here is where you will find my Case for Appeal. You’ll need a username and password, so here they are:

: closeofservice
PASSWORD: firstamendment

There is a lot of information here, I know. So if you are just wanting a summary of my case, click here. Thanks again for your input.