Vox Unpopuli

I came across a Forbes story today entitled “Vox Unpopuli.” It talked about how more and more people are using websites to publicly voice complaints about a company’s services.

While I did not develop my personal site to become critical of the Peace Corps, it might become so. Several of you have suggested that I make my Blog (this Monologue) open to the general public again. Some of you have also suggested that I publicly post my case for appealing the Peace Corps’ decision to end my service early.

Although it would be satisfying to do so, I believe that I’m going to wait to take such actions until after I have heard the outcome of my request for reinstatement. Should it become an unfavorable outcome, I would then have little to lose in making my site completely public once again.

Here are a few excerpts from that Forbes’ story. Enjoy.

Forbes: ASAP
Vox Unpopuli

Josh McHugh, 10.07.02

Employee complaint boxes are a waste of time. If you really want to torpedo a company, you’ve got to start a web site.