Make my case public

Someone in the press, let’s call her a friend of a friend, recently emailed a friend of mine sharing her disgust of how the Peace Corps has treated me. While I have not made an effort to make my case public ( is not a publicly accessible link), it’s nice to hear that some members of the press might be interested in my story.

While tempting, there are a few reasons I haven’t made my story public:

  • I’m waiting for reassignment from the Peace Corps. Making my case public would likely prevent me from getting another invitation to serve.
  • If I don’t get a reassignment, I’ll likely appeal the Peace Corps’ decision to send me home. Again, I don’t want to jeopardize that opportunity.
  • I’m also looking for a full-time job. Sharing my story could scare potential employers away.
  • While I think I was mistreated, I still believe the Peace Corps does more good than harm. I haven’t finished weighing my need for retribution against the possible harm that such a retribution might do to the Peace Corps.

Any rate, I have lots to think about. Here’s an excerpt from the email that I was referring to:

I would hope that the Peace Corps would have fewer jerks than the rest of the government, but apparently not so. Sounds to me as if Guyana is a VERY difficult place to work because of the crime and poor conditions anyway. The last thing Peace Corps volunteers need is bureaucratic idiocy piled on top.

When you have young, dedicated men and women serving their country–in more danger than soldiers because they have no weapons–being treated in an appalling way, it’s beyond the pale.

I’m glad some of his colleagues called it to another administrator’s attention, but with all the war rattles going on, Peace Corps matters may get short shrift.

I’d be tempted to send a blistering letter (by snail mail) to the head of the Peace Corps and ask some leading questions–

  • I thought the job of administrators was to provide support, not sabotage. (Oh come on, you can’t be that naive. Why not? So you think it’s “naive” to expect decent treatment as a Corps volunteer???)
  • How do you expect to accomplish your mission if you treat volunteers in such a an irresponsible way?
  • How will you recruit if word spreads?–and word will spread. Etc.