Interrupted Service prevents you from reinstatement

The Peace Corps decided to not grant my request for re-enrollment / reinstatement.

From: “Erdman, Sarah” [email protected]
To: “”
Subject: RE: Status of reinstatement or re-enrollment request
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 16:59:32 -0400

Dear Jason,

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. I wanted to hear back from our General Counsel office before getting in touch, so I could have some answers for you. As it stands, according to General Counsel, your Interrupted Service prevents you from reinstatement in Guyana. Your option at this point is to re-enroll. I am attaching the documents you will need to complete in order to do so.

Please note that we will need one reference from your Country Director, one from your APCD, and two from fellow PCVs. Also, if you have been working since your return, please send a recommendation from your current job supervisor.

In the standard Re-enrollment letter, we request a Completion of Service statement. This is a document completed by all volunteers at their close of service that details their accomplishments. While this obviously does not apply to you, I do ask that you draw up a statement detailing what you accomplished during your training.

Once we have received all the documents, we will notify the Office of Medical Services of your re-enrollee status, and they will review your file again, and probably contact the Medical Officer in Guyana. You will not have to go through a complete medical review, as your medical records are good for two years.

I want to be frank with you, Jason. The Information Technology sector at Peace Corps is one of our newest–and also one of our smallest. And yet, due to the dot com bust and the general state of the economy, we have a constant influx of IT applicants. The program is extremely competitive. As it stands, all the IT program nominations have been filled until the end of next summer. As a government agency, Peace Corps tries its best to give every qualified nominee an opportunity to receive an invitation. As re-enrollees have had that chance, they do not have priority over other applicants. Considering these circumstances, you might want to consider other options such as or other such non-profit Internet development organizations.


Sarah Erdman
Peace Corps Placement-Business Desk
Tel: 1-800-424-8580 x1852
Fax: 202-692-1897
[email protected]

I believe that I am, however, entitled to receive reinstatement or re-enrollment according to the Peace Corps’ manual and the Volunteer Handbook, which read:

Peace Corps Manual: MS 284, 5.1
A V/T who has been separated with interrupted service status may seek reinstatement or re-enrollment to Peace Corps service or may seek transfer to another country, provided the Country Director endorses the V/T’s request. These conditions and procedures are outlined in MS 282.

Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook: Pages 87 – 88
Under some circumstances, an RPCV may re-enroll for another term without having to submit a new application. Re-enrollment is possible if:

  • Within the past two years, the RPCV completed service (COS) or has his/her service terminated early for medical reasons or due to exceptional circumstances beyond his or her control; and
  • The RPCV has particular skills or experience requested by host countries which are not sufficiently available from current applications.

Re-enrollment is handled directly by the Office of Placement. An RPCV who wishes to be considered for re-enrollment should contact the Office of Placement at 800-424-8580, ext. 1830. Beyond two years from COS, the RPCV must submit a new application through a Regional Recruitment Office.

Again, I believe that I am being mistreated. I suppose it is now time to go through the Peace Corps’ appeal process.

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  1. Jason (and Sarah) the correct website address for Geekcorps is and unlike the Peace Corps, Geekcorps welcomes and celebrates volunteer websites.

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