Re-enrollment is my only option

Sarah Erdman clarifies my options, saying re-enrollment is my only option. Regarding reinstatement, the reason I cannot be reinstated back in Guyana is because “it was impossible to find an assignment for you there.”

From:Erdman, Sarah
To: “‘'”
Subject: RE: General Counsel’s reasons for denying my request?
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 18:15:47 -0400

Dear Jason,

Your request has not been denied. We contacted General Counsel to determine whether or not you could be reinstated or transferred. Reinstatement involves sending the returned volunteer back to the country where he/she was originally placed. That obviously is not an option, as it was impossible to find an assignment for you there. Transfers are initiated by the Country Director while the volunteer is still in service. They are extremely rare and generally happen once the volunteer has already distinguished him/herself during several months to a year of service.

Therefore, the most feasible option is re-enrollment. I included all the documents necessary for re-enrollment and explained how the process works in my last email. I also realize you are not interested solely in Guyana. I apologize if that wasn’t clear. I do want to reiterate that the Information Technology sector at Peace Corps is extremely competitive, and that our first priority is to invite applicants who have not yet had the opportunity to serve in Peace Corps.

Please let me know if you have further questions about the re-enrollment process.


Sarah Erdman
Peace Corps Placement-Business Desk
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