Limiting their “pool” to local candidates

The job search is moving along. Here is a brief update:

  • USA Swimming in Colorado was considering me for a webmaster position but later decided to limit their “pool” to local candidates.
  • National Down Syndrome Society in New York City is still considering me for a webmaster position. I would enjoy this job, but am fearful of the cost of leaving.
  • Intersocietal Accreditation Commission in Columbia, Maryland, in considering me for a Director of Communications position. I would enjoy the web development work (four sites that need my help), but am not too interested in getting back into print design and layout, which will be part of the job. I am one of two remaining candidates they are considering.
  • CSD in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is considering me for a webmaster position. CSD increases public awareness of issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Job is interesting, but location is not.
  • I continue to spend a few days a week on,, and

So, that’s it for now.