Cleaning up my code

Found a great tool that helped me convert my Monologue’s code from HTML to XHTML. Here’s an email I sent the guy thanking him.


Thanks for your email regarding the Adminimizer Toolbar for

I am a web designer who has adopted the XHTML and CSS2 religion/curse. I have spent a week updating my site’s code so that it meets W3C’s XHTML 1.0 transitional validation requirements. But when it came to updating my blog’s code, I thought I was doomed.

When adds spaces between blank lines in its postings, it uses the <br> tag. XHTML, however, requires the tag to have a closing slash, like this: <br />. Same rule applies to <img> and other tags that I used in my posts before being shown the XHTML way.

I feared that I would have to manually go back to each entry to update the code to XHTML standards. Your Adminimizer Toolbar, however, made the job much easier.

After installing your tool and making some changes to my blog’s template file, I can now make XHTML updates to multiple entires by editing my blog archives via my browser. And since your tool uses Tidy to clean up my sloppy code, I get valid XHTML every time.

So thanks for the free service. It was a big help.