Elon Lambda Chi reunion in Raleigh

Had a good week.

Last Saturday, some Lambda Chi alumni from my home chapter gathered at a Raleigh bar in the afternoon to enjoy a few beers, watch some sports on TV, and catch up on old times.

Familiar faces included Phil Powell, Shawn West, Martin Hill, Jim Moss, Dennis McGuire, and Mark Bednarcik. There were many younger faces that I didn�t know well at all, which were fun to catch up with.

Tuesday night, some of us met up again. Richard Bishop (Tippy) was in town from Richmond. He, Martin Hill, Shawn West, and I met for dinner, drinks, and then some. It�s nice not having a job, for sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. was no problem. The others were not so lucky.

On the job search, I had a phone interview this week with Gourad Media Group, a web development firm in Norwalk, Connecticut, about an hour north of New York City. Interviewed with the president/owner. We spoke for an hour. With any luck, I will be invited up for second interview.

Tonight, dad and I saw Star Wars Episode II on an Imax screen. Wow! I�ve seen only a few feature films on the really-really-big screen, and Star Wars was a good choice. If you ever get a chance to see a movie on an Imax screen, do so.