Time for a Job

Big news. I emailed an acceptance letter to Khalid Gourad of Gourad Media Group. If we are able to hash out all of the compensation details, I’ll start on April 1, 2003.

I haven’t had a job since May 2002, so I figure it’s time for me to actually do something productive (and get paid for it). More details on my new job will follow.

I forgot to mention last week a story about my rental car. When I arrived to the counter, the Dollar guy tried hard to “up-sell” me to a Jeep or van. I was already happy with my price and premium car selection, so I declined (three times).

When my car finally arrived, I noticed that it had only three miles on it. I was the first driver. It had that fresh new-car smell and everything.

My only mishap occurred on I-95 on my way up to Norfolk. Upon entering a toll both area, I got stuck in an EZ Pass lane instead of a Cash Only lane. Forced to travel on through it, I figured I could “fix” the problem at the next toll booth.

Naturally, there were no more toll booths. So on the way home the next day, I tried to pay the toll I owed to the next toll attendant I met. They wouldn’t accept my payment.

I then called EZ Pass, asking them if I could turn my self in, provided them the license plate of the rental car I was driving, and pay the toll plus applicable fees over the phone. Again, they wouldn’t accept my payment and had no way of processing “good Samaritan” orders.

So now I’m stuck with getting the fine, plus a car rental fine to boot. All for making a simple driving error with no ways of making amends.