Gourad Media Group Hires Me

It’s official. As of yesterday’s phone call with Khalid Gourad, I will soon be an employee of Gourad Media Group located in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Two weeks ago, February 12, I flew up to Norwalk to meet Khalid, his staff, to see his office, and to explore the area. Since my visit, we’ve been in mild negotiations, which concluded when he returned from a business trip to Morocco.

Khalid is Moroccan and offers several free online services for Moroccan’s who have relocated to the US, like the website Wafin. It is likely that I’ll have the opportunity to make a trip to Morocco some time during my career with GMG. Here are some quick facts about Morocco

  • Full country name: Kingdom of Morocco
  • Area: 447,000 sq km
  • Population: 29 million
  • Capital city: Rabat
  • People: 55% Arab, 44% Berber, 0.7% foreigners
  • Languages: Arabic (officially) with Berber dialects, as well as French, Spanish and English.
  • Religion: 98% Muslim, 1% Christian, 1% Jew
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • King: King Mohammed VI
  • Prime Minister: Abderrahmane El Youssoufi

Speaking of facts, I should also shed some light on Norwalk, for I’ll be moving there by April 1. Located 50 miles from downtown New York, NY, it will take an hour and 20 minutes to drive between the two cities under normal traffic. There are train stations in Norwalk, so I should be able to use public transportation if I choose.

Here are a few links to websites that provide some more information about the area:

Stay tuned, for I’m sure I’ll keep you posted as things develop.