Time to get some new toys

One of the exciting aspects about getting a job is that I get to “come back to society.” All this time I’ve been operating without a car, cell phone, high-speed Internet connection, and more. Being a gadget guy, I now get to have fun picking out some toys.

Motorola V66 PhoneMy newest edition will be a cell phone. Today I ordered myself a Motorola V66 phone with T-Mobile service.

While it’s not the most modern phone, lacks a color screen, and doesn’t wirelessly sync with other devices via Bluetooth, I think I’ll still enjoy it. A $150 value, T-Mobile was giving it away for free.

It does have one very cool feature. It has a built in FM stereo radio. The additional headset, powered by the phone’s battery, turns the phone into a stereo FM radio. Using the phone’s navigation keys, I will be able to change stations and store up to nine favorite stations. Plus, the radio automatically mutes for an incoming call and resumes playing when the call has ended.

It should arrive in a few days. Can’t wait.