Dad’s Meymandi Hall

Dad and I went to see the symphony last night in Meymandi Hall at the BTI Center in Raleigh. Being the architect of this great hall has nice perks, like front-row balcony seats.

Earlier this week dad received a good word from the mayor. In front of a gathering of about 300 people in Meymandi Hall, the mayor said “Every time I enter this building I think of Irv Pearce.” Way to go dad.

Friday’s show featured the music of Bill Conti, an Oscar and three-time Emmy Award winner who wrote the music to Rocky, Broadcast News, The Karate Kid, Chariots of Fire, and several TV shows.

Between songs, Conti told great stories about smelling smoke while directing the Oscars, working with Madonna, flying to London just for lunch, and more. Fun show.