9 Cove Ave

I found a place to live. Come April, I’ll be living at 9 Cove Avenue, Apartment 2, Norwalk, CT 06855. Scott Findlay will be one of my two roommates. We have not selected our third roommate yet.

Scott was born in CT and went to the University of Connecticut. He has a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, and works for the Danbury Mint designing collectibles. He seems easy going and should be a helpful contact/friend for me to have as I get used to the area.

The thrid room will need to be filled by May 1. We have ads in the paper and at RoommateService.com, which is how I found out about the place.

To give you a better understanding of where I will be living, I have organized some photos of the place as well as some maps to the office and social areas. I hope you enjoy.