Zig Zag Racer

My dad’s birthday is 10 days away and I just came up with the perfect gift. I’m not afraid to share it here, for he rarely visits my site, so here it goes…

Photo of Zig Zag RacerMy brother Cameron and I bought dad a Zig Zag Racer. It’s a small remote-controlled boat that he’ll be able to drive around our pond.

Weighing in at 16 ounces and only 15 inches long, this little toy really does zip across the pond (I took it for a test drive today). According to the box, the boat is capable of speeds up to 12 miles per hour. I thought it was marketing hype, but was pleasantly proved wrong.

Now you may be asking what my dad would want with a toy like this. Simple. He’ll be able to use it to chase the Canadian Geese off of our pond. While they are nice to look at, there are so many of them that they end up making a mess of our yard and other common areas. Mom and dad have tried hiring a trainer and his dogs to chase the geese away a few times a week, but the dogs just can’t out swim the geese on the open water.

The Zig Zag Racer, however, can.

On its inaugural run this afternoon, I tested it out on two geese who were pleasantly swimming by our house. Starting at only half throttle, I found that the boat was able to easily catch up to their leisurely swim. Once the couple caught on, they started swimming much faster; so I punched it.

Boy were they surprised and a bit perturbed. Honking, they took to flight. Sensing something amiss, a few more geese resting on the shore decided to fly to the other end of the lake. This gave me a chance to test out the boat’s range.

Within 45 seconds, I was able to get the boat from one end of our seven acre pond to the other. Realizing my new little toy was not going to end its pursuit, the rest of the geese took flight and headed over to the neighbor’s pond.

Way to go Zig Zag Racer! Dad’s going to have fun with you.