Introducing the Roommates

The first week in Norwalk has gone well. I like my roommates, I like my job, and I enjoy where I’m living.

My roommates are Scott and Mike. Scott has been living in this house for about three years now. Mike’s lived here for two. Mike will be moving out next month and a new roommate, Adam, will be taking his place. Adam, however, will be arriving in a few weeks. So there will be four of us here for a little while as we all get settled.

A funny sidebar on Adam. Scott and I both talked to Adam over the phone prior to deciding if we would feel comfortable having him as a roommate. After I spoke with Adam, I called up Scott on the phone and said “I’m fine with Adam.” Scott, however, thought I said “I’m fine without him.” We eventually got the misunderstanding sorted out and had a good laugh. I kind of felt like I was in one of those Sprint PCS commercials.

Back to our story.

I spent a lot of time this week setting up a home computer lab. There is a small room in the house that now houses three machines, and extra cable that extends into the living room for a laptop, and another cable the runs into our Xbox game room. All of these machines are networked to each other via a router and now share high-speed Internet access. I think it’s really cool/fun to have our very own computer lab.

For the weekend, I spent a good deal of time sorting through my stuff, moving some items to the (scary) basement for storage, and doing some household cleaning. With three guys, I suppose the place can get a bit messy. So some good scrubbing was in order.

I think I’m learning the area faster than expected. I even gave directions to someone who stopped me on the street. I don’t know if they got where I was trying to send them, but I did feel a little more like a native for having sent them in a direction, even if it wasn’t the right one.