May 2003

Memorial Day weekend is rather rainy and wet here in Norwalk. So I’ve been spending some time today learning more about how to modify my Xbox. Here are a few […]

I’ve lately taken an interest in modifying my Xbox so that it can do more things than just playing games. It’s kind of an underground thing to do and will […]

This weekend was the weekend for “The Matrix.” Although the movie opened Thursday night, I waited until Saturday afternoon to see it. On Friday, however, I got my hands on […]

Note: I wrote this post on my Palm Pilot on Friday, May 9. Posted on May 14 I’m currently sitting at gate 90 in the Newark airport, waiting to board […]

This weekend I head to San Diego to visit with the family. My dad is there for an architect convention. Since my brother, Cameron, lives in Los Angeles, it made […]