Family trip to San Diego

Note: I wrote this post on my Palm Pilot on Friday, May 9. Posted on May 14

I’m currently sitting at gate 90 in the Newark airport, waiting to board my filight to San Diego, where I’ll be spending the weekend with the family. The funny thing is that next door, gate 91 is heading to Raleigh/Durham.

Getting to the airport was a bit of a challenge. My plan was to leave my car at the Audi dealer for service and repair while I was away. Finding the dealer, located in West New York, NJ, was the difficult part.

I’m a big advocate of using the Interent to almost anything. Heck, I found my job, my residence, my roommates, my car, and even my rental truck online. So when it comes to directions, I amost always put my trust into MapQuest and the like.

This time, however, MapQuest had to be wrong.

No matter which way I turned, I couldn’t find the Audi dealer. So I stopped at the Toyota dealer for directions.

Directions I got. Only they were the vague kind that do not include street names or distance. They were along the line of ‘take this road all the way to the gas station, an Exxon I think, and turn right.’

One hour and four more stops for directions later, I made it. I hope the flight is much better.