One Year Ago

One year ago tomorrow, I set forth to begin my Peace Corps experience in Guyana, South America. Though I expected my service to last two years, I was given only three months.

Much was gained in those three months (friends, sense of purpose, satisfaction, and countless stories), and much was lost (opportunity, trust, and confidence in Peace Corps leadership).

In the next few months, I’m going to touch on some of the highlights of last year’s Peace Corps experience, as well as some of its pitfalls. I’ll also try to provide you updates of some of the other volunteers who are still serving. Unlike mine, their story continues.

Though my Peace Corps story has ended, it does remain. Thanks to my online Monologue, others have found my website, read my postings, viewed my photos, and commented on my experiences.

Not a month goes by that I don’t receive a personal email or phone call from an interested Peace Corps volunteer. I’ve even been contacted by reporters who are doing stories on Peace Corps safety, governance, country directors, or applications. My story continues to be heard.

At one point, I devoted a full section of my site to the Peace Corps. I’ve long pulled the links down to this section, but the content still remains. In fact, if you use Google to search for “guyana peace corps,” you will still find my site as the number one hit. Of course, “pearce corps” is also a top hit in its own, funny little way.

Much has changed over the last year. I hope to relate some of what I know now to what I learned last year. Mostly, I just want to take the time to remember and comment on one of the greatest and most difficult journeys I’ve ever made. Though my path was short and ultimately met impassable obstacles, my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer was impactful.