A wonderful Texan with a kind heart

I almost forgot to mention that I heard from Tammy Sue Cole today. Tammy was one of the volunteers who was a part of our group of 23. She’s a wonderful Texan with a kind heart. She was also one of the first volunteers from our group that I met, for we found each other online a few months before arriving to Miami.

Tammy served for about six months before returning back to the States. We’ve been lucky to keep in touch with each other, and today was no exception.

Today, when I booted up my machine at work, I was greeted with an Instant Message from Tammy. I believe we spent 15 minutes commenting on fond memories from one year ago.

One of my favorite memories of Tammy is of her playing ultimate Frisbee. Every Sunday afternoon, Peace Corps volunteers would gather at the National Park in Georgetown to play a few games of ultimate Frisbee.

Though it is the national park, the grounds are often un-kept, there was often standing water from all of the hard rains, and of course, there was lots of mud. Before long, most of us would be covered in mud, sweating like mad, and nearly collapsing from exhaustion. Everyone except for Tammy.

If I wanted to find Tammy, she’d be standing in the middle of the field, without a drop of mud on her, wearing fancy moisture-wicking clothing, and would be waving her arms saying “I’m open.”

Tammy, it sure would be nice to meet you at the park this Sunday for a little game of Frisbee. It’s been great keeping in touch.