Xbox Plastic Surgery

In preparation for performing some plastic surgery on my Xbox this weekend, here are a few notes that I’ll need.

How to open the Xbox
This guide will walk me through opening up the Xbox and taking out the motherboard so that I’ll be able to solder in the mod chip. Parts needed for this procedure are:

  • A Torx 20 screw driver
  • A Torx 10 screw driver

Next, I install the mod chip
I’ll be using the HeaderPin Install for X-ecuter2 Lite method. I like this method because there will be less soldering. But I’ll still have do some soldering, and will refer to this guide in doing so. Also looks like I’ll need these tools:

  • 15-Watt Soldering Pencil with Grounded Tip (RSCN 64-2051)
  • 0.032″ Diameter Lead-Free Solder (RSCN 64-025)
  • Adjustable Wire Stripper/Cutter (RSCN 64-2129)
  • Desoldering Braid (RSCN 64-2090)
  • Anti-Static Wrist Strap with Cord (RSCN 276-2397)

Next, I’ll have to deal with the dreaded soldering of point DO
This is the hardest soldering point of all because it is small and close to a lot of other circuits. Another method for point DO is this one.

After the soldering is complete, I then reseat the motherboard and its components. I’ll restart my Xbox, and will hopefully be presented with “Xecuter2” directly underneath the Xbox logo. This is the sign of a properly installed Xbox mod chip.

After adding a mod chip to my Xbox, I’ll give my game console a serious face-lift by replacing the Microsoft dashboard with a new one called Evolution X (EvoX). I’ll need to be sure I’ve downloaded the most recent version of Evox by first checking their website.

After getting a copy of Evox, I’ll need to modify the evox.ini file to meet my needs. Detailed instructions on modifying the evox.ini file are found here, here, or here.

Once I’m happy with the evox.ini file, I’ll burn EvoX to a CD-R or CD-RW. I’d like to burn it to a DVD-R, but I don’t have a burner. To do this, I’ll reference this guide.

I’ll need to create an ISO image to burn. Not just a standard ISO image, however, but an XISO image. This guide, and perhaps this one, will help me here. Once I’ve created the CD-RW, insert it into my Xbox and turn on the console; I’ll see the ExoX dashboard. Now I can FTP/telnet into your Xbox and copy files onto my network.

Once I’ve copied all of the contents of my Xbox’s 8 GB hard drive to a safe place on my network, it will be time for me to install the new 120 GB drive. I’ll first set the jumper on the new drive to cable select. Then I’ll put the EvoX setup CD in the Xbox drive and turn on your Xbox. I’ll choose the “Configure new hard drive” option, which will partition and set up the hard drive. Then I’ll repeat the FTP process, but this time I’ll copy my data to the new drive. Reboot. Lastly, I’ll need to remember to lock the drive, which I’ll learn how to do here.

Lastly, I’ll install Xbox Media Player. I think I’ll get into the details of that project once I’ve complete all of the above mentioned steps. Wish me luck.