I don’t want any of you showing up on my radar

Postcard imageI also wanted to add a new Peace Corps posting over the weekend, but failed to make the time. I will add that I mailed all of the remaining GUY10 volunteers a post card on Friday. The cover of the post card said “Dot-Com, Dot-Gone. Glad you are not a dot on the radar.” This is funny because Country Dictator Earl Brown used to always say “Now I don’t want any of you showing up on my radar.” Well, I must have been a huge blimp on his radar while I was there. I’m just glad the others have managed to fly lower than I ever did.

Here is the content of the postcard:

Dear Friends,

It’s been one year since we met and nine months since I’ve left; yet, I still find myself thinking about the whole experience often. I hope you are doing well and are happy with your assignment and community.

I’m now in Norwalk, CT (hour north of NYC), and am serving as director of operations for a Moroccan-owned Web development firm. Though I stay busy, I can’t imagine my work impacts others even half as much as your work does daily.

So consider this note a letter of praise and encouragement. I’m glad you are still there. You’ve made it halfway. And I wish I could have been there to enjoy it all with you.

Then again…I do get a hot shower every morning, I drive an Audi and curse at traffic, I catch all of the movies, I sometimes fall asleep on my couch watching HBO, and there is no saltfish in the house.

In the next three months, I plan on sending a few more of these cards everyone’s way, so keep a lookout for them.