Second Guyana Post Card

I sent of a second postcard to my Guyana Peace Corps friends today. In the next three months, I plan on sending them a card every other week in memory of our times together one year ago. Here’s what the latest card said:

Dear Friends,

By this time last year, we were all being entertained by Hans saying, “Seriously dog, why do you have to be that way,” Anna learning how to hacky sack, Steve’s smurf-blue head from all of the sunscreen he had put on, people randomly falling out of those weak plastic chairs, a card game called Knaves, and all of the Banks beer our pitiful allowance would allow. As I like to say, “Good times, great oldies.”

We always had time to pass, and together, we found ways to entertain ourselves. I was amazed at Steve’s ability to make up new words to old songs, Patrick’s skill at negotiating free samples from the Banks brewery, Shannon’s ability to infect others with her giggle (I suppose my laugh had a similar effect), Darren’s stories about “This, that, and the other,” Russ’ luck of getting hit by a bus and walking away, Lisa’s frequent surfer-girl sayings, Tammy’s ability to stand in a field of mud without getting dirty, and countless other memories.

You each made an impact. I imagine you still do today. Keep it up, for you’ve got a friend in Norwalk, CT, pulling for you.