August 2003

I’ve long had a goal to visit as many countries as I am old, and to keep current. To help guide me in selecting my next destination, I organized a […]

I can’t believe I forgot to post this. Last weekend, while in NYC visiting Guyana Peace Corps friends, I had a chance to ride a Segway! If you don’t know […]

Had a blast in NYC this weekend. Though the city was still recovering from Thursday’s blackout, I took a risk and stood outside the South Norwalk train station after work […]

At 4 pm yesterday, Norwalk lost power. After calling a few clients to let them know we were closing for the day, I headed out to SoNo (South Norwalk) to […]

Last weekend was spent in Las Vegas with the family. Mom was there for a flute convention. Dad, Cameron, and I just flew in for the weekend. I left Friday […]