Norwalk Boat Show

Norwalk hosted a boat show this weekend just a mile or so away from my place. Though I thought it was silly to charge folks a $15 admission fee to see a bunch of boats that are for sale — I mean, you don’t pay to see houses, cars, and other big items for sale — it was still fun.

They had some very impressive boats for sale. Several were so lavish and large that no price tag was mentioned. But from the looks of the other $750,000 boats we were on, they could have been worth a few million.

It would be neat to have a boat you could live on. It makes you think about how different of a lifestyle one would have once they became a boat owner. But I suppose it wouldn’t be much more different than those who buy second homes; unless, of course, the boat becomes your primary home.

I suppose a part of me dreams about having a boat I could live on. It would have to have satellite Internet access so I can work from any location in the world. This would give me the means to pick up and explore new locations on a whim. Wouldn’t that be sweet?