Where I’ve Been

Last night, I did a little work on the Where I’ve Been section of my site. I decided to add a column that displayed each nation’s flag. I also linked each flag to the CIA’s World Factbook, which contains an excellent summary of each country. I like this site because it starts with a country map, a paragraph of background information, and then follows with a bunch of stats.

A few of the places I’ve visited a no longer countries or are considered territories, and thus, were not in the CIA’s World Factbook. For those, I had to look elsewhere to find their flag. In doing so, I found Flags of the World; a content-rich site that covers the history of each flag, its design, its use of colors, and a whole lot more.

Now my “Where I’ve Been” page has some color. I’m still not very happy with how the table/chart looks, but I do like its function, for sorting the columns by date first visited, country name, and continent is useful.

I continue to contemplate the definition of “country” and “visit.” Of of the places I’ve listed some are considered territories, which questions what I consider a country. Other places I’ve listed I visited for less than a day. For some, I saw a lot in a single day. Others, I saw only in passing.

Qualifying my list of places visited continues to challenge me. Perhaps I’ll flesh out that debate in a later posting.