Man plunged over Niagara Falls

It looks like I missed the excitement at Niagra Falls by just a few days, for on Sunday, a man went over the falls and survied. Here’s the story. Canadian authorities say a man has plunged over Niagara Falls without any protective gear and emerged apparently unharmed.

Witnesses say the man seemed calm Monday as he jumped into the water and was carried down the Niagara River toward the 54 meter waterfall.

After the drop, he swam to shore and climbed onto a rock at the base of Horseshoe Falls.

Police say the unidentified man was taken to a hospital, where he was in stable condition.

He is reportedly the first person to survive the plunge down the Canadian side of Niagara Falls without any kind of equipment. In 1960, a seven-year-old boy wearing a life preserver survived the fall, after a boating accident.

More than a dozen daredevils have used barrels or other devices to go over the falls in the past 100 years, and several have lost their lives.

No one has survived a trip down the rockier American side of the falls.