Why tables for layout is stupid

I was seeking an answer to a CSS problem today and came across this great site that explains why CSS is so much better than TABLEs.

Why tables for layout is stupid: problems defined, solutions offered

Tables existed in HTML for one reason: To display tabular data. But then border=”0″ made it possible for designers to have a grid upon which to lay out images and text. Still the most dominant means of designing visually rich Web sites, the use of tables is now actually interfering with building a better, more accessible, flexible, and functional Web. Find out where the problems stem from, and learn solutions to create transitional or completely table-less layout.

If you are a web developer and are having difficulties persuading execs or clients to switch to a tableless layout, this site would be a good place to send them. Of course, these sites would also be great, for they are all built using CSS and not TABLEs: