Mom discovers my website

Mom, this post is just for you.

I know I make fun of you for being my site’s biggest fan. So when I came across this story from The Onion about a 30-year-old who just learned that his mother discovered his Web site, I couldn’t help but think of you. Here’s the story and a few quotes that made me laugh out loud.

The Onion | Mom Finds Out About Blog

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—In a turn of events the 30-year-old characterized as “horrifying,” Kevin Widmar announced Tuesday that his mother Lillian has discovered his weblog.

“Really, the blog is just a record of what I think about the world and how I spend my free time,” Widmar said. “In other words, exactly the sort of information that no 30-year-old wants his mom to have access to.”

“I know Mom will instantly become the site’s most avid reader and most vocal fan,” Widmar said. “As I write it, I’ll think, ‘How would Mom feel about this?’ Even worse, I’m sure she’ll give the address to all our relatives.”

Thanks mom for being my biggest fan.