Thanksgiving in North Carolina

Norwalk received its first snow today. It took just 15 minutes for the storm to cover the parking lot out my window well enough that you could no longer see the lines. One hour later, however, the sun broke out and melted it all away. Temperatures tonight plan on dipping to 17 F, so winter has arrived.

Small talk aside, Thanksgiving was nice. I flew back to North Carolina Wednesday after work. On Thursday, dad and I drove up to Lake James in the North Carolina mountains, which is where our family traditionally meets for the holiday. For two days, I ate turkey, visited with family, took naps, and played video games with my brother.

On Saturday, we stopped by Greensboro to visit my dad’s mom for lunch. That evening, we were back in Raleigh. Hit the bars with my brother’s friends and flew out the next day shortly after lunch.

It was a fun trip that seemed to have fattened me up for the winter.