NYC Commute

For three days this week, I’m commuting from Norwalk, CT, to New York, NY, to take some classes in QuarkXpress. These commuting days are very different than the three-mile drive I’m used to doing.

For starters, my day begins at 6:00 a.m., not my usual 8:00 a.m. By 7:00, I’m out the door. Since parking is scarce at the train station, spend the next 20 minutes walking the half-mile. Mind you, it’s 20 degrees out and snow on the ground.

Once I arrive to the station, I join a large group of people who are standing on the cold, open-air platform, waiting for the 7:23 train to Grand Central. When the train does arrive, nearly all the seats are full. I have to ask someone to move their stuff just enough for me to cram myself in-between two sleeping passengers. Five minutes later, I also fall victim to the rhythmic click-ed-ly-clak of the train.

One hour later, I arrive in Grand Central Station. Exiting the train, I slowly walk, push, and bump may way to the Subway, where I wait for another train to carry me six more stops. By 8:45, I return to the surface, walk less than 20 yards, and enter the building where my classes are held.

All it all, it takes me two hours (1:50 on a good day) to go door to door (Norwalk home to NYC classroom). My classmates can’t believe that I’m commuting in from a different state. But when I tell them it takes me just 20 minutes longer than their commute from the Bronx, it’s doesn’t seem so bad.