Phi Phi Don Diving

Phi Phi Don island has been great. We arrived by ferry two days ago. Upon arriving, we checked into the hotel and then Cameron and I hustled down to the dive shop for a night dive.

The night dive went well. We swam along the rocky coast, entered a cave, and found all kinds of small creatures that come out at night.

On Monday, Cameron and I did three more dives. All of them were located about an hour away from the island, out in the open sea.

The first was a ship wreck, sitting about 80 feet deep. We entered the wreck from the start, swam around inside, and then finished the dive swimming along it’s hull and top deck.

Upon surfacing, I got a little sea sick. But I manged to pull myself together in time for the second dive. Basically, I just didn’t want to be on the boat any longer than I had to.

The second dive was at shark point. Didn’t see any sharks, but we did see several eals, fish, and such. Upon surfacing one hour later, I promptly hurled, once again.

The last dive was a reef dive. Here we found one of the largest lobsters I’ve even seen. Its antena had to be at least six feet long. We also found a sea turtle, some eals, and lots of neat fish. Upon surfacing, I hurled once again.

By 4 p.m. we returned to shore, where I was glad to be back on land. The dives were great, though the sea was rough. I bought everyone one the boat a round of drinks when we got back, thanking them for “holding my hair” as I puked over the side deck most of the trip.

Today, we catch the ferry back to Phuket and the adventure continues.