Last weekend, Janet and I went to NYC for some holiday fun. We went ice skating in Rockerfeller Center, visited the top of the Empire State Building, shopped at Macy’s […]

I finally got my luggage. Some old man in a Cadillac showed up to my grandmother’s cabin around dinner. I guess that’s how they deliver things in the North Carolina […]

I’ll be thankful once my luggage arrives. According to American Airlines, I should receive it this evening. It would be nice to have a clean pair of underwear.

Yep. My bags are lost. And since I didn’t fly on either of my scheduled flights, switched layover cities, and used two airlines, I’m not expecting they will ever find […]

I safely made it from IND to RDU, but not in the manner I intended. My American Airlines flight to Chicago was canceled. They managed to book me on a […]