January 2004

This morning, I found a few hundered emails directed to my jasonpearce.com server. It appears there’s a new virus in town: Wired News: Tricky E-Mail Worm Spreads Fast “A malicious […]

The roommates Adam, Scott, and I drove up to Vermont this weekend to do a little snowboarding. A friend of Adam’s at work has a time-share cabin near Mount Snow, […]

Sadly, the Experience Music Project, Paul G. Allen’s rock-and-roll museum, just experienced its third round of layoffs. This is one of the best museums I’ve ever visited, so get to […]

Thanks to the Northeast freeze, I have discovered that iPods are not designed for cold weather. For starters, the buttons on the iPod cannot be operated while wearing gloves for […]

Though I’ve known about Plaxo.com for several months now, it wasn’t until this week that I decided to give it a try. This means, of course, that I soon will […]