Plaxo Convert

Though I’ve known about for several months now, it wasn’t until this week that I decided to give it a try. This means, of course, that I soon will be subjecting each and every one of you with a request to update your contact information.

Plaxo is a downloadable tool that you install and use with MS Outlook to help you manage your contacts (e.g. address book). Once install, Plaxo reviews your entire address book to see if any of your contacts are also Plaxo members. If they are, it automatically updates your address book with their most recent records. For these individuals, I never have to update my address book when they move because Plaxo does it for me.

Of course, the more people who use Plaxo the more useful it will become. But for those who don’t want to become a Plaxo member, I can still get their address updates by having Plaxo send them an email asking if the information I have on them is still correct.

Like it our not, you’ll soon get such a request from me, for it has been a long time since I updated my address book. A little help from Plaxo is most welcomed.