Mount Snow Snowboarding

The roommates Adam, Scott, and I drove up to Vermont this weekend to do a little snowboarding. A friend of Adam’s at work has a time-share cabin near Mount Snow, so we took advantage of the free place to stay.

Snow conditions were great on Saturday. But despite a sunny day, it was just bitter cold. At the summit, the temperature was -8 degrees with moderate wind. Who knows how cold it was with wind chill. Every part of skin had to be covered or you risked frostbite.

Boarding, however, was fun. I’m still a beginner, so I spent all of my time on greens and blues. Though I fell a few times, not once did I have a big fall.

Two weekends from now, the three of us and a few others will head up to Maine to go skiing. Having never visited Maine, I’m looking forward to the trip. I hope, however, that things might warm up a bit before then.